Focus upon the goodness
  you see each day.
Year after year these events
  are given for you to enjoy.
This is to convince you
  of My presence.
Even your difficulties
  contain goodness.

Look for these signs
  before you condemn the events you face each day.
Enjoy the fruits of these signs
  and believe in My goodness,
  as it is truth.

Each hour of the day
  offers a sign from Me.
Each day of your life,
  I am present.
Enjoy these events
  and trust that I am with you always.
Be strengthened
  by what you witness.

Believe in what you see.
Let your faith and hope
  be increased from My presence
  each day of your life.
Your concerns will diminish
  as your trust in Me grows.
Your faith will multiply
  as you accept My presence.

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