Bring peace to those who need comfort.
Give joy to those who are sad and burdened.
Give awareness to those who cannot see.
Bring hope to those who cannot understand.
Teach those who will listen.
Heal those who suffer.

Open the eyes of those who have closed them.
Open the hearts of those who have been hardened.
Give life to those who have despair.
Help those who want to be changed.
Encourage those who search for more.
Lead those who are lost.

I change those who desire more.
I shelter those who need comfort.
I enlighten those who ask for help.
I give peace to those who suffer.
I refresh those who need rest.
I bless those who help others.

Give to those who need your help.
Do not fear the difficulty you may have with this,
  as I will give you the courage
  and necessary gifts that you may require.

What you have can be given to others,
  and what you are will grow as I bless your efforts
  and give what is needed for those who are in need.

Do not be afraid of My work,
  as I will help you and strengthen you as needed.

Do not search for those in need,
  as I will bring them to you.

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