Look for My presence in your day.
I am with you,
  but you do not recognize My presence.
Be convinced that I am with you.

Increase your faith in My goodness,
  and trust that I will help and guide you.
Your doubts will not increase your faith.
Your independence will not give you strength.

Set aside these obstacles
  that direct you away from your faith.
Give up your dependence
  upon what leads you away from Me.

Give yourself to those
  whom you meet each day.
Bring peace that comforts their concerns.
Offer wisdom to those in need.
Direct those who are misled.
Strengthen the poor in spirit
  so they may know Me.

Search for and desire these fruits
  so you may prosper and influence
  those whom your path crosses each day.

Let Me fill you with My gifts
  and let these benefits be given to others.
Influence those who need to understand
  more about My nature.
Let Me work through you
  and use you for this purpose.

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