When you consider the ways of the world,
  what it teaches you and how you are tempted,
  be aware that My teachings and wishes are different.

I have given you a way
  and will give you the grace
  to follow this way, if you ask.
I will not force you.

Be ready to consider the words
  I give to you through others.

You will see a pattern and,
  with your wisdom,
  will follow My way.
This will lead you to Me.

I will guide you
  with My words and direction.
I give this to you
  as a gift from Me.

I will show you what path to follow
  since you cannot always clearly determine
  what the path is that I wish you to follow.
I will do this for you
  when you ask for My guidance.

There are many directions
  that you can choose to follow.
I will provide you with the gifts
  that you will need
  to fulfill the plan that I have for you.

Be My child;
  help Me give peace and joy
  to those who want the gifts that I am eager to share.
When you do this for Me,
  you will experience the peace and fulfillment
  that is unlike the poems and writings
  of human dreams.
My peace will allow you to understand what awaits you.

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