You search for answers and find questions.
You find questions that have no answers.
What answers would please you?

Your faith is tested by these dilemmas.
Your search for truth is broadened
  through these experiences.
What do you do with these dilemmas?

Let your search for peace lead you
  to find comfort in Me.
I AM your answer.
Question Me;
  look to Me for your answers.

You need not know solutions
  for all of the events of your life,
  as this would bring you into My nature.

Recognize your human restrictions and have faith
  that I am a part of all that is beyond your knowledge.
Your faith is strengthened when you submit to Me.

Find what you search for in Me;
  I AM all that is.
Find the peace you search for in Me,
  as I will give you what is needed.
Find what you are in Me,
  as I AM what you searched for.

I AM what you are not able to understand.

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