My life was for you.
My death set you free.
Take comfort in this
  as you are My child.
Live as My children
  and know that you are of My Father’s hand.
Be encouraged by this promise
  and enjoy its favor.
Yield to its fruits
  and let them touch you.
Welcome My Father’s favor
  and let these fruits cover you.

You search and find despair.
You question and discover nothing.
Speak with Me
  and find the comfort you search for.
Question Me
  and discover the plan for you,
  for within it lies your answers.

Your eyes can be opened.
Your heart can be softened.
Your despair can be changed.
Let your search end with Me.
Let your difficulties find their end in Me.
End your despair.
Find what you seek in Me.

Let your difficulties diminish
  as you take comfort in My promises.
My comfort awaits your surrender.
Let its fruits enter you, encourage you,
  and bring you peace.

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