Become a part of Me
  through your actions.
Each day presents a new opportunity
  for you to live your day as I did.
Take each day that you have
  and live it with your actions
  focused toward My words
  that I gave to those who have lived before.

Become like the examples
  that others before you have given.
Listen to those around you
  who are focusing their actions on Me.

Become a part of the truth
  that I AM.
Each day will bring you closer to Me
  if you live your life in this way.
Become a child of truth.

Become a child
  who has completed the search.
Look for Me,
  and you will find Me.
Search, and you will discover.
Ask, and I will be with you.
You will see My ways and know Me.

Your doubts will blind you,
  and your mistrust will lead you
  in other directions.
Do not let these obstacles mislead you.
Look for Me.
Search, and you shall find.
Ask, and you shall know.

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