Renew yourself,
  as this change will prepare you
  for what awaits you.
Reach for this change,
  as delays will not bring you
  closer to Me.
Do not fear changes,
  as you will not be harmed.

Trust in Me;
  I will care for you
  during your period of change.

Look forward to My spirit
  lifting you, enlightening you,
  and coming upon you in many ways.

Surrender yourself.
No greater gift can be given to the Father.
Many blessings will be given
  to those who surrender
  their minds and hearts to Me.
A peace will be given to you;
  a joy unknown will cover you.
Surrender yourself,
  as this action
  will bring you into My kingdom.
You will know My word
  and see My presence around you.
You will find many reasons
  to delay your surrender.

What wisdom is found in your delay?
What gain can be found without Me?
What comfort exists without My Spirit leading you.
What goals have you reached without Me?
Look at what you are without Me
  and then realize what you are
  with My Spirit within you.
Let Me become a part of what you are,
  and you will know Me.
Surrender yourself,
  and I will be with you each day.

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