Be with Me always and let My peace fill you.
Look to Me for your strength,
  as I will provide this for you.

What do you seek and search for?
Am I not enough as I AM and do I not provide for you?

Search for Me in all that you do
  and trust that I will be present.

Look always to Me for your strength,
  as I will be present to you.
You are My children,
  and I will care for you in all ways.

What concerns then should you have?
What fear should you possess?
Come to Me with all that you are.

Let go of your fears,
  as fear will not set you upon My path.
Let go of what you think you should be.
I accept you in all ways.

I AM your Lord and Master.
Let Me come into your life and set you free.
Let Me surround your life and give you life abundantly.

Let Me bring peace to your heart.
Treasure this time with Me.

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