Use your time to know Me.
Hear Me and let Me give Myself to you.
I give you time to use.
I give time for you to enjoy.
Be peaceful with this gift.

Guide your gift of time
  with the direction I bring to you.
Listen to the words I speak to you through others.
Take these words of wisdom from Me
  and guide your precious time with this knowledge.

Do not try to understand all things,
  as you will grow tired from these efforts.
Be willing to trust the words of wisdom
  that are given to you.

Let go of your mistrust
  that does not lead you toward Me.
I will not injure you.
Trust Me as a child does her mother and father.

Let Me lead you.
Let Me help you.
Let Me bless you.
Let Me heal you of mistrust.
Let Me have your time.

If you do this,
  I will give you all that is blessed
  and unknown to you.

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