Use your earnings to bring joy
  to those whom you support.

Do not worry about how much you have.
I will provide!

Be helpful to others,
  but do not place yourself
  into a position that will not help My work.
The poor will always be.

I do not measure holiness with wealth.
Use what I give to you wisely;
  I love and trust you.

Some are given much;
  some are given less;
  some are given nothing.
I make these decisions.

Some need much;
  others do not.
Some want much;
  others do not.
Some deserve much;
  others do not.
I give to all what is best for them.

Use what I give to you
  as generously as you judge.
Do not be driven
  by the world’s desires.
Know and trust that what I give to you
  is for you to help bless those to whom you are closest and those whom I bring to you for help.

Feed the hungry;
  give help to those who are poor.
These people await your help.

I give wealth to those
  who can serve others this way.
Some take wealth
  and do not serve Me.
This type of wealth will fail.
I will bless you when you help others.

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