What do you see
  when your visions are focused upon Me?
What do you see
  when you become My servant?
What do you have
  without a vision of Me?
What have you gained
  without Me as your Master?

Invite Me into your visions
  and see Me more clearly.
Invite Me into your life
  and let Me become your God.

I AM the end of your search.
I AM the light that does not darken with time.
I AM your treasure!
Walk with Me;
  talk with Me;
  listen to Me;
  and you will know Me.

Let Me convince you that I AM all that is.
I AM your God that was, is, and will be with you.

Invite Me to be with you,
  and your vision will reach into My nature.
Invite Me to be with you,
  and you will know Me.

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