Become My servant,
  and I will lead you.
Be present to My promptings,
  and I will show you.
Be aware of My voice in others
  and recognize its suggestions.
Listen to Me when I speak.
Hear Me when I lead you.

What fear merits your attention when I guide you?
What concern should you hold of My direction?

Submit to Me,
  and I will show you.
Turn to Me,
  and your fear will diminish.
Come to Me
  and enjoy My favor.
Look to Me
  and find your answers.

I wait for your submission.
I am anxious for your surrender.
Do this
  and bring joy to My purpose for you.
Enjoy its result
  and be blessed by its fruits.

What delays warrant your attention?
What other goal or vision exists than My favor?

Turn to Me
  and accept your gifts that await you.
Submit your purpose to Me
  and be filled with peace.

Let My peace fill you, change you, lift you,
  and open your heart to Me.
Let My peace heal you of your wounds
  and comfort you each day.
Let My peace open the eyes of your blindness
  and bring knowledge into your darkness.
Accept My purpose for you
  and trust that I will enlighten you.
Become My servant,
  and you will know Me.

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