Happy New Year!  Yes, it is a new year within our Church.  The first Sunday of Advent begins a new liturgical cycle. For that reason, Advent is an opportunity for us all to begin anew.

Think about it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to start anew?  Are there things in your life that you’d like to leave behind or change?  Most likely there are and Advent may just be the time to do so.

Beginning anew means that we take the past and give it over to our Divine Lord.  It means that we let go of our past sin and hurt and ask Jesus to enter in.  It means we turn to Him for a fresh start and have hope in all that He wants to accomplish in our lives.  It is time to begin again!

The pages of this book offer you the opportunity to daily reflect upon the Gospel.  Each reflection is based upon the Gospel for the Mass of the day. 

Advent follows a certain theme of preparation and anticipation.  At first, we reflect upon the fact that the Savior of the World will one day return in all His glory.  We look to that truth and anticipate it with great hope.  From there, we look at the fact that He did come long ago as a child.  He was born of the Virgin and dwelt among us.

Christmas is the fulfillment of the hope given in Advent and is the realization of God’s promise.  God humbled Himself, becoming a little child entrusted to the care of Blessed Mary of Nazareth.  She became not only the Mother of God, she also became our Mother in Grace.

Allow the pages of this book to inspire you and help you to meet our Lord and His mother more deeply this Advent and Christmas season.  May this new year be a time of new life for you and for all.

Advent – Week One

Table of Contents

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