Day Eight: Thirst

Thursday of the First Week of Lent

From the Cross, one of the last things Jesus said before dying was “I thirst.” As Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta so often pointed out, that thirst was for your soul. There is no doubt that this thirst for the salvation of every soul began within Jesus’ human soul from the moment of the Incarnation. But it was especially in the desert when Jesus’ human thirst mixed with His divine desire to bring salvation to all.

When we are thirsty, the body communicates a need for hydration. Something is absent that needs to be replenished. As our Lord experienced the deep physical thirst for water in the desert, we can be certain that His physical thirst was but one small, human reminder to Him of His divine thirst for souls.

Try to imagine Jesus allowing Himself to experience physical thirst within the desert. Though this physical thirst would not end in His death in the desert, it would ultimately end with His death as He thirsted on the Cross. This spiritual thirst, made even more manifest to Him from His physical thirst in the desert, became the source of His driving mission to save every soul.

Because the depth of Jesus’ thirst was spiritual, He would have taken great delight in the fact that His human body experienced this similar longing. In that physical thirst, every human longing was united with the spiritual longing to quench the thirst of everyone left parched by sin.

Ponder this particular human experience of Jesus’ physical thirst in the desert. As you do, ponder also His infinitely greater spiritual thirst for your soul. Every part of His divinity, as well as every part of His humanity, longs for you to satiate His thirst. You satiate Jesus’ thirst by coming to faith and allowing Him to give you the water of eternal life. He offered this gift of refreshing water from the Cross when His thirst was at its greatest. Ponder Him thirsting for you not only in the desert, but also in that cry from the Cross. Satiate Him by allowing Him to satiate you.

My thirsting Lord, You allowed not only Your divine spirit to long for the salvation of my soul, but You also allowed Yourself to experience this thirst within Your human body. I can never thank You enough for the depth of love You have for me. I choose to satiate Your thirst, dear Lord, by allowing You to pour forth on my parched soul the waters of eternal life. Jesus, I trust in You.

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